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       Iridology is a truly individual method of health assessment which helps us to understand the pathways between disease and



       It is not a method of diagnosis; however the signs present in the eyes can be interpreted to discover underlying health

tendencies, both strengths and weaknesses, which may or may not be evident at the time.  


       The colour and pattern of the irides provide information about your constitution; that is your unique genetic inheritance

       combined with the effects that your lifestyle has had on your body so far.  Your constitution determines how your system

       responds to the conditions of your life.  The information revealed during an iridology examination enables us to work out the

best ways  to manage your constitution; how to improve and maintain good health.


      The Iridologist sees the person who has a disease, not the disease itself.  Therefore we can learn why specific conditions may 

       have developed and work out how to treat the root cause, which often is not obvious when looking only at the outward signs

       and symptoms.  Areas of dysfunction can be identified and treated to restore balance and vitality.

      The iris, the coloured part of the eye, is examined under magnification usually with an Iriscope connected to a computer or with

a small hand-held magnifying glass and torch.  The colour, structure, texture and patterns revealed are considered in reference to

       an iris reflex chart. This shows the positions in which the reflexes to these organs may be found in the iris itself.  

       Iris signs can also be interpreted to provide insight into our emotional and psychological dimensions.

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