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       "Jo carries out the consultations with professionalism but also in an informal and relaxed manner, ensuring she has a complete                    understanding of your needs and ailments and what you are hoping to achieve from the herb treatments.  The tinctures are

       carefully mixed ensuring the correct herbs for your ailments are included.  I have recommended Jo's services to other friends and                family, and her treatment of both myself and my daughter has been highly beneficial to us both." 



"I had been suffering with insomnia and digestion problems since the birth of my child (over 6 years) and tried various

medical remedies to restore my sleep pattern but to little avail.  Friends had recommended that I go to Jo for an

alternative/herbal approach and at this point I was so desperate for some sleep I thought it would be worth a go and booked

a consultation!


     Jo spent some time talking through my daily/nightly routine, paying particularly attention to diet and exercise.  Based on this discussion and an iridology examination of my eye, Jo then made a herbal medicine for me based on her findings.


Within 7-10 days of taking the medicine (3 times a day) my sleep pattern had improved and my bloated tummy had

     disappeared. I visited Jo every four weeks to check on my progress, and after about 7 months I found that I was sleeping well

without taking the medicine.  I came back recently wanting help to address another medical issue and again the results have

been amazing.


It’s so reassuring to know that the herbal medicines are a natural remedy and I can’t recommend Jo highly enough.

Thank you Jo."

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