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Combining traditional wisdom with modern scientific understanding of plants,

disease and diagnosis

Safe and effective remedies that can be used in nearly all health conditions and at any age

to promote health


Gentle regulation of function, correction of imbalance and stimulation of our innate

ability to heal

A holistic approach to healing

Mind, Body and Spirit


Including natural healing methods such as Flower Remedies, Homeopathy and Nutritional therapy


Aiming to treat the underlying causes of illness and to prevent onset of further disease 

Helping you to understand the areas of your  lifestyle that may be impacting on your health and how to make the right changes

A non-invasive assessment of the iris which can help to identify areas of health imbalance


Aids both practitioner and patient to greater understanding of themselves and their health


The colour and pattern of the irides reveal information about your constitution. This helps us to decide the best ways to improve and maintain your health


When used in combination, these tools enable a deeper understanding of an individual's health. They offer multiple approaches to help clear unwanted symptoms and to treat areas of imbalance in the body, with the aim of preventing further recurrence.

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